Timberline Lodge : Silcox Hut

Found a shot of Kris getting lost in the fog during our AM clank session from November. The fog was thick, and so was the snow.

Worm Flows via Marble Mountain.

Made the solo trek up to Marble Mountain today. The trail was bone dry dirt quite a ways up the trail; the driest I've seen during January ever. However, further up on the mountain there is good coverage starting at about the 4,8000 ft mark. I climbed up to about 6,000 ft, had a beer, strapped in and passed LOTS of people on the way down. Good day. Shredded a nice worm flow too - there are tons of natural half pipes on MSH, the geo's call them worm flows.

The word is out on Mount St. Helen's though - there were a lot of people out there during this MLK weekend.

//Lone Wolf


Silcox Hut : Mt. Hood, ORE

Hit the skin track with Kris last Saturday. The fog was pretty thick, and the snow was just as thick, but over-all it was a great first day out. We rounded out with a total of 4 miles up to Silcox Hut and back a few times. Great first day!

Once again, no riding shots. I really need to work on getting riding shots. I promise, I know how to snowboard. haha

Check out the route on re-live:



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