April 12, 2018


It's NUKING on Hood right now! Rode line after line of some great snow. No GoPro, no tech; just my iPhone and my Macbook from the year 2000. Blue Airblaster coat and Dino's Will Die board day. No to work. Yeee!

Storm riding is the best.

January 27, 2018

Timberline, ORE

Pa' got a POW day!

Made another solo trip this last Friday up to Timberline Lodge. It had been dumping all week long, I couldn't resist! There was a TON of new snow, and mild wind. I rode my Nirto Treehugger 149; what a fun board! You can rage through the powder on this thing, slash at ease, and butter, and spin in the pow like you can't believe. This board was so much FUN! For a 149, it rides like a 165.

I made lap after lap pow surfing and slashing with this thing! I must be honest though, there are still plenty of bare spots, exposed creeks, and thin spots on Mt. Hood. One of my favorite tree runs off of Molly's down to Pucci still had an exposed creek I had to side skirt. 10' lower and I would've been in a tough situation.

I don't have a GoPro, or the tec to support one - so I guess it's just going to be iPhone photos/selfies from here on out. My Macbook is prob from 1998 or so too I'd guess; one of the old white ones. Trudge, on!!!

Great day.

Also, thank you to Spark R&D for hooking me up with a Pro Plan. I can't wait to get pin-less! Also, thank you Voile, and BCA for the continued Pro Plan support!


January 23, 2018

Ski Bowl : Mt. Hood

Took the trip up to Mt. Hood Ski Bowl last Sunday with Da'Juice Crew! Love these ladies. We left SW WA around 1pm and got after the 3-10pm shift. After all, Ski Bowl touts being the largest night riding area in the USA.

My 6 year old was begging to go to "Mountain Hood" all morning.

"But I have school all week daddy, and I want to go snowboarding! If we don't go today, I won't be able to go until next weekend." How could I say, no?! She did pretty good, but is still learning. She had a lot of fun, and that's the most important part!

I rode my Great Dudes of  History, 156, Jah Rasta Haile Selassie YES board this trip. Man I LOVE this board. I forgot how fun it was to ride.

Everyone was hyping this storm all weekend long, when up until this point, only 6" of new snow had fallen. Mt. Hood needs some help - keep it coming! Can't wait to get out again.

Great day!


January 15, 2018

Timberline Lodge : Silcox Hut

Found a shot of Kris getting lost in the fog during our AM clank session from November. The fog was thick, and so was the snow.

Worm Flows via Marble Mountain.

Made the solo trek up to Marble Mountain today. The trail was bone dry dirt quite a ways up the trail; the driest I've seen during January ever. However, further up on the mountain there is good coverage starting at about the 4,8000 ft mark. I climbed up to about 6,000 ft, had a beer, strapped in and passed LOTS of people on the way down. Good day. Shredded a nice worm flow too - there are tons of natural half pipes on MSH, the geo's call them worm flows.

The word is out on Mount St. Helen's though - there were a lot of people out there during this MLK weekend.

//Lone Wolf

November 16, 2017

Silcox Hut : Mt. Hood, ORE

Hit the skin track with Kris last Saturday. The fog was pretty thick, and the snow was just as thick, but over-all it was a great first day out. We rounded out with a total of 4 miles up to Silcox Hut and back a few times. Great first day!

Once again, no riding shots. I really need to work on getting riding shots. I promise, I know how to snowboard. haha

Check out the route on re-live:

September 17, 2017


Every year I say this, "I need to ride more..."
New season, I hope to log some days this year!

My hope is to start riding at least once per month. I think that's an achievable goal, even with kids, and full time employment.

December 23, 2016

Splitboarding Mt. St. Helen's 12.18.2016

Mt. St. Helen's 12.18.2016

When Mt. St. Helen's snow is on, it's ON!!! - and on this day, it was on! I estimated about 60" of fresh untouched, snow was on the ground. No rocks or tree's were poking through. This is the first significant snowfall we've seen here on the south side of MSH in a few years. There was enough snow to get into some of the classic lines I used to love to ride.

Kris, Luke, and myself left my house at 6am and rallied the Suby, with fresh studded tires up to Marble Mountain. The road was plowed to the parking lot, something I haven't seen ever up here. Whoever the plow crew is deserves a pat on the back - no chunder, just smooth, perfect, ice packed roads to travel on. Nice work fella's. We were the 2nd group of people to the lot. Conditions were 2 day old, cold pow, and sun! The skin line was already in place from a few people breaking track the few days prior (Smith, probably being one of them), so it made for easy travel to the 4,800ft mark.

We cut up and across putting our own skin-line in to about the 6,800ft mark, until we reached a nice bench to take lunch, bull shit, rejoice in the surroundings and have some beers. We were high on the ridge just above the SE treeline that was sheltered from the blast in 1980.

We put our splitboards together and rode some of the best snow, and coverage I've ever ridden on Mt. St. Helen's. When conditions are this good here, there's now place I'd rather ride. Deep natural half-pipes in the worm flows, nice little rock drops, some mellow run-outs, and even some pretty steep descents towards the bottom of our run-out. I dipped in first, so once again - there are no riding pictures of me. Photog needed. lol

Being out in these mountains with good people is truly a blessing! I can't wait to get back out!!!


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May 22, 2016

Low Tide.

Low tide MSH, N.

March 20, 2016


Mt. Hood, I love you. I made the trip up with my 4 year old, my 5 month old, and my wife. My 4 year old, Halo was stoked on getting her first season pass.

She was excited to take her first run, then quickly tired and wanted a snack! haha - "Dada, can we go to Dairy Queen?" What?! She must have saw the DQ in Zig-Zag... haha - ya win some and lose some. Halo made it one run, then we all went in the lodge and had lunch. If you've never had the Nacho's at bar in the lodge, order them. They're huge! We also had some Ice Axe IPA's too.

I took about 5 Mile to Flood laps, then we headed home. I had a lot of fun, had some good convo with my wife, and finally purchased that Tline hoody I've had my eye on for a while that Wilde & Co designed. Stoked on the day. Total backcountry mission. haha

*On another note, I sold the 2014 Outback and bought this little Forester; tread on little car, tread on! I can finally afford to go to the MTN again without that huge car payment.