May 16, 2020


Only snow is way up on MSH - no more easy pokes this season.

May 10, 2020

Splitboarding Mt St Helens

Found this one in the archives


March 1, 2020

pinwheel city

Warm temps in the afternoon = giant pinwheels

February 11, 2020


Another good day out there with Trevor. Got up to 9,000’ish ft, rode down Little Zig Zag, dicey out there, saw some fractures on some giant wind lips, got stuck in the canyon. Had to trolley our gear up a solid ice wall and dig steps up 70ft to get out. All part of the journey. Rode down to Govy, had a beer, took the shuttle back up, jammed out . Good day on Mt Hood Splitboarding

January 19, 2020


I wish I would’ve snapped some pictures of all the old snowshoers I saw tipped over in the skin track. St Helens sludge was 100% today. STICKY!

January 14, 2020


Still need more

Juice Box Crew

Training up a crew is hard work.

December 8, 2019


We need some snow! It’s boney out there

Just went up to Silcox Hut Splitboarding to test things out. Palmer had some coverage, but I didn't have enough time. Splitboarding is the ANSWER.

May 19, 2019


Prob the last dusting of the year. Tried to get in it. Spring riding is upon us. Hoping to get up on some of the Volcano's this Spring/Summer. Hawaiian shirt time!

April 30, 2019

Juice Box Crew

Got the juice box crew up on the hill the other day; the plan was to stay at Timberline Lodge, and ride for 2 days. My 7 year old, and 3 year old did great and had a lot of fun the first day; then as the day wound down, around 10:30pm my 7 years old started puking. He hastily packed up, and headed for home.

WE TRY. haha

March 10, 2019

Mt St Helens Splitboarding

Another epic day on MSH with Kris and Luke splitboarding! Great snow conditions, blue skies, and smiles ear to ear!

I'm so thankful Mt. St. Helens is in my backyard, and so proud to call it my home mountain. Here's to many more trips!

Also, if you follow this page, please check out our other project we've submitted a proposal for with the USFS. 

February 25, 2019

White Pass, WA

Had a great day shredding pow with Trevor and Kris; lap after lap, at White Pass, WA. Cool place, cool approaching towns. Packwood! Randle! Awesome towns! Looking forward to going back. Don't go uh' changing White Pass!!!

February 18, 2019

Mt St Helens Splitboarding

Went out splitboarding. So refreshing to be in these mountains with all this snow. Beautiful! Got to about 6,000' then the weather closed me out. Still need tech, a GoPro. Celly pics for now, still.

February 6, 2019

We Need More Snow

It's been in weird season here on Hood. It's been hard to catch a deep powder day all season. I want some bottomless. I tried to wish this upon myself the other day, rode about 6" of new, on top of concrete. Had to be careful out there when slashing still, or you'd slash right down to the concrete, and...scorch out. Still fun though, I found some stashes!

Tried my new hi-tech filming equipment out too; a Walmart clip-on iPhone fish eye lens and a selfie stick. I really need to upgrade my tech before I ruin, or lose my iPhone. haha