January 2, 2015


MSH 1.1.15

Mt. St. Helens was bonier than a Super-Model. I still had a great first day out touring and putting a few scrapes on my splitty with Kris and Luke though. We got up to about the 4,500-5,000 ft mark, had some lunch, then picked our way down the hill through the rocks. We grabbed some 10 Barrel Pray for Snow in Cougar on the way back down - Because, well... we need some help. #prayforsnow 

I def need to slash some pow and ride some steeper lines soon. Once again, no riding pics this trip. 
I need to work on planning out more photo ops' while we're actually on our boards, instead of just strapping in and mobbing all the way down to the bottom of the mountain. Or, if any photog's would like to get on board with our project, hit us up!

Being out in these mountains is truly a blessing though. It's hard to soak in the beauty and what you're looking at sometimes. I'm so glad to call the PNW home on days like this.

See ya out there...

Bless up-

I need to find a new web-flatform for this blog too. This platform... is... difficult.

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