March 20, 2016


Mt. Hood, I love you. I made the trip up with my 4 year old, my 5 month old, and my wife. My 4 year old, Halo was stoked on getting her first season pass.

She was excited to take her first run, then quickly tired and wanted a snack! haha - "Dada, can we go to Dairy Queen?" What?! She must have saw the DQ in Zig-Zag... haha - ya win some and lose some. Halo made it one run, then we all went in the lodge and had lunch. If you've never had the Nacho's at bar in the lodge, order them. They're huge! We also had some Ice Axe IPA's too.

I took about 5 Mile to Flood laps, then we headed home. I had a lot of fun, had some good convo with my wife, and finally purchased that Tline hoody I've had my eye on for a while that Wilde & Co designed. Stoked on the day. Total backcountry mission. haha

*On another note, I sold the 2014 Outback and bought this little Forester; tread on little car, tread on! I can finally afford to go to the MTN again without that huge car payment.

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