December 23, 2016

Splitboarding Mt. St. Helen's 12.18.2016

Mt. St. Helen's 12.18.2016

When Mt. St. Helen's snow is on, it's ON!!! - and on this day, it was on! I estimated about 60" of fresh untouched, snow was on the ground. No rocks or tree's were poking through. This is the first significant snowfall we've seen here on the south side of MSH in a few years. There was enough snow to get into some of the classic lines I used to love to ride.

Kris, Luke, and myself left my house at 6am and rallied the Suby, with fresh studded tires up to Marble Mountain. The road was plowed to the parking lot, something I haven't seen ever up here. Whoever the plow crew is deserves a pat on the back - no chunder, just smooth, perfect, ice packed roads to travel on. Nice work fella's. We were the 2nd group of people to the lot. Conditions were 2 day old, cold pow, and sun! The skin line was already in place from a few people breaking track the few days prior (Smith, probably being one of them), so it made for easy travel to the 4,800ft mark.

We cut up and across putting our own skin-line in to about the 6,800ft mark, until we reached a nice bench to take lunch, bull shit, rejoice in the surroundings and have some beers. We were high on the ridge just above the SE treeline that was sheltered from the blast in 1980.

We put our splitboards together and rode some of the best snow, and coverage I've ever ridden on Mt. St. Helen's. When conditions are this good here, there's now place I'd rather ride. Deep natural half-pipes in the worm flows, nice little rock drops, some mellow run-outs, and even some pretty steep descents towards the bottom of our run-out. I dipped in first, so once again - there are no riding pictures of me. Photog needed. lol

Being out in these mountains with good people is truly a blessing! I can't wait to get back out!!!


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