January 27, 2018

Timberline, ORE

Pa' got a POW day!

Made another solo trip this last Friday up to Timberline Lodge. It had been dumping all week long, I couldn't resist! There was a TON of new snow, and mild wind. I rode my Nirto Treehugger 149; what a fun board! You can rage through the powder on this thing, slash at ease, and butter, and spin in the pow like you can't believe. This board was so much FUN! For a 149, it rides like a 165.

I made lap after lap pow surfing and slashing with this thing! I must be honest though, there are still plenty of bare spots, exposed creeks, and thin spots on Mt. Hood. One of my favorite tree runs off of Molly's down to Pucci still had an exposed creek I had to side skirt. 10' lower and I would've been in a tough situation.

I don't have a GoPro, or the tec to support one - so I guess it's just going to be iPhone photos/selfies from here on out. My Macbook is prob from 1998 or so too I'd guess; one of the old white ones. Trudge, on!!!

Great day.

Also, thank you to Spark R&D for hooking me up with a Pro Plan. I can't wait to get pin-less! Also, thank you Voile, and BCA for the continued Pro Plan support!


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